Saturday, March 31, 2007

Maulidur Rasul

Today mark our Prophet Muhammad's SAW birthday. As usual there was a Maulud celebration at the Taman for all walks of live. I was also in the thick of it all, joining thousand of my fellow muslims basking in the morning heat and walked all the way through the designated route. I leave you guys with some pictures that I took of my whole experience today.

Our "Base Camp"

Planning on which short cut to be taken

A glimpse of His Majesty

Our Agency team number and it's 'Jelitawan"

Just after the starting point at the Syariah Court Building

Nearly half way now, Tasek Lama area

Not far now, Kianggeh area

The Final Stretch

Finally the Finish Line

The Aftermath
(Kudos to the 'Bandaran' people who did a good job in cleaning the area)


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