Monday, April 2, 2007

Sweet Revenge

DPMM FC 4 Perak 3, how cool was that! It must be a fascinating game although Ranoadidas said it was frustrating at the same time. How I wish I was there last night. Sweet revenge it is as stated in the BB today, Perak beat us at their own turf and now it is our chance to kick their a**. But the scoreline did not do justice as DPMM FC let in three goals in the win, maybe the abscene of Pg Sallehuddin got something to do with it.

Now how about this result? Liverpool 4 Arsenal 1, sweet revenge you say? I don't think so. Yeah they did great and congrats to Crouch with his hattrick, but I dont think we got our revenge last Saturday. Liverpool met Arsenal 4 times altogether this season and we only won once. The damage had been done, Liverpool humiliated Arsenal only once but Arsenal humiliated Liverpool three times! However if this latest result will cause Arsenal to lose point and drop down to fifth place and out of the European Cup spot, then we will call it even and we finally got our Sweet Revenge.


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