Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yearly Bonuses and Credit Cards

Public Servant should be thankful that finally their prayers of getting their annual bonuses in December rather than in January had been answered. His Majesty happily consented and inform his subjects through his 61st B'day's Titah last Sunday. I am truly in favor of this decision and I understand the predicament that the public servant face every year. Parents are the most grateful of the lot as they now have that extra cash to buy their children's school books and stuff before the new term begins. Before this it is sad to hear that some parents have to use their children's "Duit Raya" to buy those things that I mention above.

But do you know that the scenario of not having money at the right time, although you know that money will come in buckets load in the following month, is a good reason why you have to own a credit card. This is where the beauty of having this so called plastic cash kicks in. A wise thing to do when buying school books in December (prior to the sultan's titah) is to charge everything with our credit card and taking the advantage of the 40 days of no interest charge on our purchase, by doing so and with the right timing, we will definitely can settle our debts in January as soon as the yearly bonuses are being paid.

Sadly, owning a credit card nowadays is badly interpreted as having an imaginary cash that can be paid by installment plus whatever interest imposed. One should remember that to tap the wonders and flexibility of a credit card one should always realise that whatever amount charge to the credit card must be backed by real cash either from the next month's salary or from their personal savings. Anyway, from this year onwards, December will be a "happening" month and since it coincide with the school holidays we can just imagine how huge the traffic jams will be at the Shopping Malls, Fancy Restaurants, Car Accessories Shops, and off course, the infamous Kuala Lurah and Sungai Tujuh.

Friday, July 6, 2007

All Hail Fernando Torres

Finally my prayer had been answered, a quality striker for Liverpool at last. I hope this will be the missing link to make them click and win the Premier League this coming season. I have high hope for this young lad although I have never seen him play, but base on what the tabloids and what my friends have told me, he should come good.

Well that is typical of me, I consider myself a Liverpool and England Fan and not a Football Fan. What it means here is that I only watch football games that involve those two teams and I never watch any other team play even though it is a Champions League Final or even a World Cup Final! So since Liverpool never play Atletico Madrid for the past few years, Torres is a stranger to me. (But maybe youtube can help me here)

On a sadder note, Liverpool have confirmed that they have renewed their partnership with Carlsberg as their official club sponsor for a further three years!!!! Ironically, Liverpool did not win the league as soon as Carlsberg sponsor them in 1992. The Liverpool Board should have realise by now that this intoxicating drink is bringing them bad luck and not to mention of depriving me the previlage of having their new jersey for the past 14 years. Tantu pulang Hua Ho kali mensponsor! Sia-sia pun, tepaksa tah nunggu tiga tahun lagi.....

Monday, July 2, 2007

Autobots Rules

Last Saturday night me and the guys watched the most awesome movie ever made by far. I guess by now you all have heard that the Transformers movie receive rave reviews as soon it was premiered in our local cinema last Thursday night. The CGI was excellent and near perfection.

That is the beauty of today's technology, I wonder how will Star Wars last three episode, which was filmed and produce in the 70's, look like if it was filmed and made in this decade? The Transformers movie will now set the standard on how will other Sci-Fi movies should be made in the coming years, so expect more of the same or even better next summer.

The Transformers was originally a Toy made by a Japanese company by the name of Hasbro and Takara in 1984. Due to its popularity in Japan, a animated television series was later created and reach our shoreline not long after that. That is why most of the fans nowadays are those in the late twenties and early thirties.

From my point of view, most of the animated television series during the eighties and early nineties are far more better than what is shown to kids today. I can still remember The Centurions, Thunder Cats, He-man, Mask, Inspector Gadget, Justice League, Flintstones, Silver Hawk and much-much more. All of this will certainly be a box-office movie if it was bring over to the silver screen.

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