Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Football Madness

Today is indeed the darkest hour for Bruneian Football, if what was said about Brunei being banned by FIFA are true. This mean that Brunei and its club will not be able to compete in any international competitions. At first I was a neutral in this stupid fiasco but now I'm so piss off when I realised that FIFA was not happy with the interference of Brunei Government with the affairs of a football club which was recognised by AFC and it's parent association (FIFA).

Since when do an organisation have a say in how a country govern their rules and regulations. Whatever decision made by our government should be respected no matter how stupid it looks to other countries or to an organisation in this case. No matter how much I want to see this thing to be resolve immediately, I still hope that our government will stick to it's decision and not to be easily pressured by this decision. Our nation is an independent country and we should never easily be weakened or bullied by outside interference. So to all local football lovers, be patient and brace yourselves as this can be a nasty rollercoaster ride.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aidifitri 2009

For the umpteen time, the moon to determine the first day of Syawal was not sighted. This mean that we will not be celebrating the first day of Hari Raya with our neigbouring country. This is a never ending issue and everyone has their own theory, like the incapability of the people in charge of doing the "Rukyah", less efficient equipments to a more sinister reason which I could not elaborate here.

The State Judiciary Department wrote a nearly one page explaination in yesterday's Borneo Bulletin opinion page which debunk most of the theories. As for me, I'm not really concern that wether we should celebrate first day Raya with our fellow muslims from other country or not, but I'm more dissapointed of only celebrating Hari Raya for two days before we go back to work on Wednesday.

However, as a muslim we should be happy that we are still in the month of Ramadhan which gives us an extra day to do good deeds and gat as much "pahala" as we can. Allah s.w.t had said that if only all muslims can see and understand the rewards that the month of Ramadhan can give to a person, surely all of us will want Ramadhan to be celebrated for the whole year.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Stupidity Vs Diplomacy

Have you guys read the paper lately regarding the issue of cultural "theft" accusation by Indonesia towards Malaysia. It was actually a mistake by Discovery Channel when they insert a clip of Indonesian cultural dance called the "pendet", in one of their programme promo about Malaysia. The mistake was admitted by the said channel and it was remove immediatley soon after. However, although this issue was ratified promptly, some Indonesian still blame Malaysia of insulting the Indonesian people.

I find this really disturbing, people now are ignoring facts and reasons, and just stand by whatever they thought is right. I guess this is just the reason that some Indonesian need to stir conflicts with Malaysia. This two countries are at each other throat since the issue of tortured maids and illegal immigrants. Cries of war was also heared in this latest issue where the Malaysian embassy and flags was "attacked". Aren't these people have other important things to do and worry about....

German 8ton Semi Track Sd.kfz.7/1

Start Date : 14 August 2009
End Date : 05 September 2009
Specification : Scale 1/35, Tamiya Japan

German's World War II 8-ton armoured "half-track" tractor truck, fitted with a quadruple barreled Flakvierling 38 anti-aircraft gun. Orininally designed for use against enemy aircraft, this innovative and distinctive looking vehicle/gun combo was also highly effective against ground based targets and personnel.

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