Thursday, April 12, 2007

Books & Magazines

Today is another tiring day for me and the missus as we were busy packing things at our soon to be ex-house. The heavy stuff will be cleared by this Saturday using a pick-up which I hope will only take two trips as one trip will cost me $50. I think the process of packing stuff is easy compare to unpacking it as my parents house is already full of things and junk staking up in the store room. Today we spent most of the day packing all our old books and magazine and believe me with the amount of books and magazines that me and the missus have, we can already set up a book store and sell it for a profit.

The dilemma of having too much books and magazines have bother me for quiet sometime. I have the tendency to keep all the books and magazines that I bought since I was a teenager. The amount of books and magazine increases when I married my other half more than ten years ago as she also like to "waste" our money on this hobbies of ours. To name a few of the books and magazines that we like and kept is Gila-Gila, Batu Api, Ujang, Match, Womens Day, Cleo, URTV, FHM, Stuff Magazine, Pa & Ma, PSM, EGM, and not to mention my precious Archie comics.

The easy way to save space and money is to stop buying them or to throw it away as soon as I finish reading it but it is easy said than done. Although I've grown out of from some of them and I even have stop buying books such as Gila-Gila and Match, new releases and edition kept on coming that attract me and the missus to buy them from the newsstand. Nowadays magazine that got to do with gadgets and computers is my favourite while the missus are more on those babies stuff. I can't see us stopping buying books and magazine in the near future especially when Asyraf start to read and only gods knows what kind of book that his Umi and Ayah are going to buy for him.


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