Sunday, April 22, 2007


I'm off to Singapore tomorrow guys and I'm going back to Brunei on Thursday afternoon. Thank god our travel agent were able to book us to a hotel as there are some sort of convention going on there next week. This time around me and the missus decide to ditch out Orchard Road and stay at Pan Pacific Hotel somewhere in the Marina Bay area. The closest shopping center is the Marina Square, Suntec City, Raffles Plaza , City link and off course my favorite of all, Funan IT Mall which is, by Singaporean standard, only a walking distance from our hotel. (Note: In Brunei context, Singaporean will consider a journey from SOAS Mosque to Plaza Athirah as a walking distance!)

Believe it or not, I seldom took a taxi to go anywhere in Singapore as I prefer the MRT and walking while I was there. If the hotel that I'm staying in is located strategically next or "above" an MRT station I will definitely used the MRT from the airport like what I did when I stayed in Swissotel and Royal Plaza, this is only applicable when I'm traveling alone especially when attending short courses as my wife does not like the idea of wheeling our luggage around.

However, tomorrows trip will be a very different ball game as for the first time in our life, my wife and I will bring a small cute baby by the name of Mohd. Asyraf throughout the four day trip. Using the ever crowded MRT while pushing a baby stroller may not be recommended so I guess we need to use the taxi this time. Hope Asyraf will behave and less of his tantrums so that his Umi and Ayah will have a nice trip and do some shopping in peace and quiet. (Command & Conquer 3 here I come). Bon Voyage.......


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