Friday, May 11, 2007


It is almost three weeks since my last entry. And a lot of things happened while I'm away. First off is of course the trip to Singapore which was memorable partly due to the fact that for the first time ever I did not use the MRT while I was there. Asyraf was his usual self, refuse to sit in his stroller and opted for his Umi to carry him around. At least the stroller do come in handy as a make shift shopping trolley ha ha ha.

When we came back home, I found my internet service was not working hence I cannot update my blog. I could only get access to the internet last friday, however I was prety tide up for the whole week as I have to do some housekeeping particularly with my work that was only PARTLY done by my collegue who was acting on my behalf while I was on leave.

This week alone was also pretty tiring, but it was in a healthy way as my office annual badminton tournument kick off last Saturday and ended last Wednesday where my team won. Congratulation guys.........


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