Sunday, May 20, 2007

My New Toy

It finally arrived! After days of anxiety and confusion, my brand new Dell Dimension 9200 arrived on Thursday morning, one day late from the estimate arrival time predicted by Dell Singapore. My gems was delivered directly to my house and although I have to fork out additional one measly dollar to pay for the import duty for the speaker which come separately, I was satisfied.

This was the first purchased that I made online, thanks to the assurance of my friends that Dell really do able to meet our expectations promptly and efficiently. By doing my own ordering process I had saved $100 as this is the price charged by one computer store in Brunei to allow them to purchase the order online on my behalf! Purely daylight robbery, a hundred bucks for just keying some numbers and letters at Dell website which only took around 5 minutes of their time! Moreover, the new PC are delivered to the store and the "customer" have to come and collect it themselves!

Dell only make me wait for exactly one week before I can lay my hands on my new PC, although it cost me a fortune but it was worthed. I bought my old PC five years ago and it is about time I change to this new beast, a beast that comes in with 2GB of memory, Intel core 2 Duo Processor, 320GB Hard Disk, 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600, Vista Premium, Bluetooth Keyboard and mouse, and the icing of the cake is the 22 inch wide LCD monitor.

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