Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Luxury Vs Necessity

Behold the new Mazda CX-7, a sporty looking car and an SUV at the same time with a price tag of around $50,000 big ones. It sure give Honda a run of their money with their own Honda CRV which cost around 40K. At the moment I have to say Honda have the edge as it is more "cheaper" and economical, well I'm biased here as my freind are about to drive one sometime this week.

Both car really able to turn ones head but the question is do we really need it? Buying this car will force the buyer to fork out around $600 to $700 every month. The wife and I also have our own set of wheels and we also pay around that range, and sometime we wonder why dont we just bought a cheaper car that make us pay half of what we usually pay or even lower so we can have more cash a.k.a purchasing power every month, Ka ching$$$$.

Well that's life, it is very difficult to establish what is luxury and what is necessity, as each of us got their own reason and as long as we think it thoroughly and take into consideration of the pros and cons, as my friend did, we should be alright. Mau jua kan begaya sekali sekala kali ah! As for my freind who is about to drive his brand new Red Honda CRV this week or the week after, one piece of advice: Kalau sudah ada keta baru ani pun kau inda begirlfriend baik tah kau mandi bunga 7 kali he he he.......

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kfc said...

mandi bunga?? hahaha.. kesian jua org atu.. aku mau jadi gf nya.. nda payah ia mandi bunga..

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