Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cuti Mandatori

It has been a while since my last blog last Thursday. I was pretty busy all weekend finishing my work as I officially got my leave starting yesterday. However I still went to the office on Monday morning to hand over all my pending work to the person who are going to cover me until the end of this month.

After a lot of speculation and deliberation, my MD finally approve my application. My last leave was in August last year and boy do I really need it this time. However there was a catch this time, although my leave was approved, my Senior Manager did not fail to insert the word "On Call" on my leave application, so I guess I can't leave my mobile phone off sight from now on till the 28th of April.

Well I can't complain, it is better than nothing, I guess this is just the "perk" of being a Manager (yeah right). This morning alone I had receive two phone calls from the office asking for clarification on something and one caller even persuade me to come to the office to discuss on an issue as my so called "Acting Manager" is nowhere in sight!

As for the things that I plan to do during my leave, I honestly can't say that I'm going to have some peace and quiet. One thing for sure is I will be going to the office somwhere during the second week of my leave as all Head of Section in my organisation is required to attend a week long workshop! This week alone, me and the missus will be very busy as we finally decide to move out from my wife goverment house and back to my parents house, so expect hard work and sweat during this week.

As for the final week of April, I really wish I can just switch off my mobile phone coz I plan to have my vacation all to myself, the missus and offcourse Aysraf without any intteruptions, amin.........


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