Thursday, April 5, 2007

Night of Frustration

Watched DPMM FC match against Selangor last night, they won two goals to the good but they can get more. Shahrazen as usual busy menacing the opponents defence line and obviously was the man of the match, although he misses two sitter in the match. Selangor who was and may still be consider the Liverpool or Manchester United of the Malaysian League was outplayed most of the time. Rene Kumar lead the defence well, but nothing can be said with the other two imports. Tobar was nearly non-existant in centre of midfield and Caceres left his shooting boot at home. It was no surprise that both of them was subtituted by local players which play better than them. I can't believe Ranko still retain them in the squad, it is either they did well during training or both of them is Ranko's favourite nephew!

Even my cousin is ashamed of our two 'special' imports

The Fans before

The Fans after

On a lighter note, as predicted by a lot of people, Liverpool whip PSV three nil Wednesday morning. Only a miracle can stop them advancing into the semis where I hope they will play Chelsea and not Valencia.


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