Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ngalih Ku Hari Ani

Went to KB this morning as part of my "On-call" duties throughout my deserving vacation. Today all the big-guns of our ministry made a working visit to all it's department's branch office in KB and Tutong. I did mention in my previous blog that the second week of my annual leave will be very busy as I have to commit to these "On-call" status that was highlighted by my senior manager when I applied for my three week long leave. Everything went well today especially during the visit to my agency branch in KB, the only setback is that I had to drove my own car to KB today! My car was schedule to have a service appointment today at NBT but I have to cancel it due to todays event, the second cancellation in a week!

On a sadder note, The Daily Brunei Resources are no longer exist as Mr. BR plan to concentrate more on his work and his writing in the daily newspaper. His post on the 15 of April was his last and he will certainly be miss by all of his avid fans including me. I admit it was a big shock to me as there was no indication or hint from him in his previous blog saying that he is about to end his blogsite. I was with him all day today and if only I had the courage to say something I surely ask him to forget about his intention and continue educating us with his interesting blog.


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