Monday, March 26, 2007


Being promoted up a notch at work should be fun and at the same time challenging. After all, the person may have waited for, let say 7 years, before he was given the chance to take over a postion to manage a section in his organisation. The stage are set , the players are at ready, and the only thing left is this "lucky person" to navigate and conduct the play. Everything should be easy like taking a candy from a baby coz he had gathered experience by giving the best 7 years of his career to the organisation doing what he do best by being a committed,trustworthy, hard working and reliable employee.

Now imagine this, promotion have not give him fun but misery and headaches. The stage here are scattered all over the country that create havoc as far as communication and monitoring is concern. The players are mostly veterans of more than 10 years in the field who thought they deserve a far better deal than being second fiddle to this newly promoted chap and two of those players are even earning more than him! This is all an ingredients for a recipe that can change this "lucky person" into being the "Unlucky victim"!

Moreover, he realised and agreed that he is better off doing what he use to do before the promotion and he already anticipate this problem when he was offered the job! But why do he accept the offer you might ask? Well what will you do if you were given the chance of a lifetime on a silver platter right in front of you? A chance which may not be given again in the future.

What will happen to this chap is only god knows. What he can do at the moment is to try his very best and pray to Allah to give him guidance. Not even the experience of 7 years can help him here as this is a whole new ball game for him. It make him think whether he really deserve this post in the first place, he even have this naughty thought of just burst into the Big boss office and gave it all up, and he even admit that he is not a good leader and someone should take over.

But at the end of the day, he realised that this is all a test for him because nothing is easy in this world. As long as he is still the manager of this wicked section, or until the management say otherwise, he knew that he have gave his best effort and nobody can take that away from him.


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