Thursday, March 29, 2007

Comic Books

I did mention in my previous blog regarding the dvd movies that I bought collecting dust at home, but there is one more interest of mine which is also being neglected for quite sometime. Actually I did not neglect it but it seems that I don't have enough time for it anymore. The interest that I am talking about is reading comic books! I don't mean those superheros comic books but I'm more interested with ARCHIE comic books. I started reading this comic books when I was still at sixth form. It started with one book that I borrowed from a freind of mine and I was hook from that day onwards. As of this date I have a collection of more than 600 comic books comprising of Archie Digest and Double Digest and not to mention his other spin off such as Betty & Veronica, Jughead, Pals & Gals, Little Archie and many more.

I never miss buying all of their issues and believe me, it really cost me are fortune to buy them all. I just can't stop buying it, buying this comic books is no longer for fun or buying it when I got that extra cash or something, but for me now it is a necessity, I MUST buy it regardless whether I have time or not for it, it have become a habit of mine now. At the moment there are exactly 43 unread comic books lying beside my bed and it is increasing every month, how in the world will I be able to finish reading all of it is only god knows.


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