Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Three Lions

Typed this blog while watching the replay game between England and Israel. Ronney is out of form, Gerrard and Lampard is busy showing the world who is the better captain of the team, while the defenders are injury prone. I pity Mclaren who have to lead a medicore team at the moment, no wonder he is not doing well with the result.

I wonder what will happen if Gus Hiddink or Scholari was given the chance to manage the team. It is very frustrating for the fans, including myself, to see England failed to beat minnows like Israel. It is the right time for England to win something in football since the FA premier league are consider the best league in world. The only silverware they won was way back in 1966 ,if you don't count the Le Tourney Tournument prior to France 98 where Roberto Carlos scored THAT amazing free kick, remember?

I was surprised just like the rest of the world when England was robbed for hosting the world cup in 2014. I think they deserve it more than Germany, but I guess their hooligans may have shifted the vote in favour of their bitter rivals. For the next two major tournument, I fail to forsee England winning, especially with the pool of player that they have at the moment. But noboby gave Greece a chance when they won the European cup so maybe, just maybe, we the England fans will have something to cheer about in 2008.


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