Saturday, March 24, 2007

Expos and Fairs

Currently there is this CIPTA IT expo going on at the mall, and then there will be BITEX 2007, also going to be held at the same place. I'm not against this expo or fair thingy but one thing which I find interesting is that the exhibitionist always comprise of the same big players in the market. The likes of Concept Computers and Netcoms ply their trade with the same strategy of giving out phamplets of all sort. Amazingly, they are located at the same place everytime, with the same design or layout for their booth, selling the same things that they promote during the last time they were there.

Remember the Brunei Book fair that was held sometime in February? Do you agree that most of them a selling the same books as the one during the last time they were there, and again the location of their booth are exactly the same. So if any of you miss the whole thing last February, don't worry, chances are that you will see the same thing next time.

This time around my brother is planning to buy a laptop computer. After doing a lot of thinking and surveying here and there, he finally made a decision to buy the most "famous" brand in Brunei....... (Drum rolls please)........ACER Computers!!! he...he...he, well what do you expect, he's a student and a gamer at the same time, so that is the only obvious choice as it is affordable and with the right spec. Actually I'm against it as I'm more fond of HP or the new Vaio but I have to respest his decision. ACER is a decent brand and it is improving every year. I believe that in the near future it will give the other more establish brand, a run of their own money.

The funny thing about the laptop that my lil bro is buying is that he can get a cheaper price IF he agree not to take the FREE gifts that comes with it, Suprisingly the total amount that he save for not taking this FREE gifts is around $300.00! What a rip-off!! So if you guys plan to buy computers which come with all sort of free gifts, make sure you really need all of it coz there are NOT free, you are actually paying for all of it!


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