Saturday, March 17, 2007

Job interviews

I've conducted an interview today for a post in my section. Since this is my first experience interviewing potential candidates, it took me quiet sometime to get the hang of being an interviewer as my past experience is only as the interviewee.

Last night I kept on asking the missus on what kind of questions should one ask beside the normal questions that were always bombarded by the panel. I want my question to be unique and made all the candidates come up with an intelligent answer.

Come the day, I saw a lot of good candidates but there are also some who did not do very well. It is sad to hear that some of them are unemployed for the past three years and they were so desperate that one candidates almost cry and beg to be recruited.

I can't imagine if I'm in their shoes, first I like to say thank you to Allah s.b.t for giving me the job that I have today, and with that I can live happily with minor worries. Unfortunately for those who are still unemployed, I can't imagine how they carry on with their lives. Some are lucky that they still have their parents to support them but for those who don't, it must be very very difficult. It is easy for us to take for granted with what we already have that we forget to say "Syukur Alhamdulillah" to God Al-mighty.

For those who are about to be interview in the near future, I advice you to do your homework, do some research about the organisation and last but not least, be yourself and you will do just fine.


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