Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pirated DVD's

Stayed at home today and watched X-Men 3, I've bought the movie a long time ago and only today that I have the mood to watched it. The dvd cover had been gathering dust for the past few months! As of today I still have around eight or more DVD movies that I need to see. Ironically when I went shopping with the missus we tend to look for new releases although we know that there are a couple of them at home waiting to be seen.

All of this proof how fortunate we are, pirated DVD are abundance here in the abode of peace. It cost a mere $5 or less for a single movie, and sometime we can even have a maximum of four movies in one DVD. If you are patient enough, new releases with clear pictures and sound is available within a month after it is being released to the movie buffs. But for those who don't, they can just buy the mother of all pirated movies, the one that is secretly filmed inside a cinema.

I guess there is three types of pirated DVD out there. First is the one that had been captured secretly inside the cinema, the price for each movie is usually $3. Secondly is what the pirates call the DTS copy, prices for this decent quality movie is usally around $5, and lastly is of course the one that they call DVD 9, price is within the range of $8 to $10.

The same goes to Playstation 2 games. I'm an avid gamer myself and I'm always buying the newest release everytime. The copy games are so cheap at $5 a pop that I've always encountered problems of not being able to finished a single game, coz as I was about to get the hang of it, I bought a new game and I will certainly forget about the older games as I'm engulf in hype with the new one. Sometimes I will only played it once coz I found the game to be too boring.

If we are in other countries, origional DVD's are considered a collection item, it cost a lot and they even gave it as birthday presents and christmas gifts. Playstation 2 games is also very expensive, if I don't have the previlege of buying copy games and have to fork out $100 per game, I'll definetely going to squeeze all the fun out of the games and play it repeatedly so that I can get satisfaction for paying big bucks for one meazly game. Playstation 3 is already available in Brunei and I'm still keeping my finger cross for the avaibility of copy games for that console before I buy one.


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