Friday, March 16, 2007


I went to Telbru today to see if I can reduce my monthly subscription from $98.00 to an amount which is more appropriate with the speed that I have for the past 5 months. You see, the reason for my bold move is based on the advice from one of the bosses from the e-speed unit or what ever they call it. As I'm writing this blog my bandwith speed test meter indicates 43 average Kbps! Yes you heard me right, my e-speed connection is, if not better, as good as a dial-up connection.

I was inform that the area where I was staying is always plague with problems and they are still trying to solve it but until now, it's look likely that they can't do nothing,they said it's got to do with the Distribution Board or something. The problem must be a serious one, if not why do they advice me to go and negotiate the monthly subscription.

When we arrive at Telbru, we were greeted by a lady and we immediately explain to her of our intention. She ask us how many time do we made our official complains and we said a couple of times, however when she check their records, it was stated that we only called once, and she happily said that if they received only one complains they will not consider it seriously!!! Gosh what kind of service is this, I thought any complains, no matter how many times it is, must be taken seriously (basic rule of ensuring customer satisfaction), moreover we did complain a couple of times and I don't know why it was only recorded once, and when we try to justify ourselves with the number of time we call, she scolded us for not remembering the docket/reference number as proof that we did really call a zillion time. How do we suppose to know that? As if there are some manuals/phamplets lying around Telbru office reminding us on what we have to do when we make a complain through the phone!

Telbru should inform me or the rest of the subscribers around my area before registration of the problem that they are having at our area, so that we can decide whether to proceed or not. I basically will not register if I was inform earlier! Now we are stuck paying the same amount that my "lucky" freinds are paying, minus the speed. Anyway, our complains were noted and it is going to be forwarded to their superior and as usual at the end of the conversation we hear the dreaded word..."We will call you, thank you"


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