Monday, March 19, 2007

Aston Villa 0 Liverpool 0

What a boring match last night. Inconsistency strike again, one day they beat the likes of Barcelona and Chelsea but yesterday they are totally ordinary! Rafael Benitez is a good manager, but I guess he is only good with the knockout games and not with the league. He is very lucky to win us the Champions League in his first season with Liverpool, so the fans still have some hope in him.

What's wrong with Steven Gerrard! For the past two season he was amazing, how many times do we see him wining a game single handedly, remember Istanbul and the 2006 FA Cup Finals? He was god to some liverpool fans, but this season he is a nobody. The only player which I thought is outstanding is Jamie "Mr Reliable" Carragher, I believe it is because of him that Pepe Reina maintain the most clean sheet in the EPL at the moment. Someone even try to persuade Steve Mclaren to play him as a midfilder playing the holding role for England, but for me that is to much, I know he is very good but he is not THAT good.

So what's next for Liverpool, I think they can maintain their position in the top four but I can't see them leapfrogging Arsenal for third place, but it all depends on the game where both side will do battle at Anfield on 31st March and Theirry Henry is out for the remaining fixtures. As for the Champions League especially against PSV, I can't say a lot because as I said earlier, Benitez is good with this event and who knows, I may be going to Athens come this May via Kristal Astro.

As for next season, I'm not sure how the new owner will play their cards. They are Americans for crying out loud. They don't play football, they play Sockker!! They own Ice Hockey teams, unless Wayne Gretzkey can play football, we are doom. But hey, look at the bright side, we have the world class player by the name of Andriy Voronin to look forward to next season. (Yeah right, who the hell is he?)


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