Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Maktab Duli

I sent my brother to MD this morning for extra class. He is a junior who was just enrolled a few weeks ago. It is good to be back in the vicinity of the college as I have fond memories of the place. I did my A Level way back in 1992 the same intake as our Crown Prince. MD back then was simply amazing, beside Maktab Sains, MD is the only place for us, the ordinary student, to do our A Levels. Unlike today, where six forms can be found in KB and Tutong (I'm not sure about this one), but during the heyday, all the guys and gals from all four district was centralised here in MD.

I stayed in the hostel eventhough my house is only 15KM away from the school, I took Maths, Economics and Accounts. I spend three years there as I did not get a single A Level on my first try(not even on my second try either!-what a loser!) The good thing for being a repeater is able to witnessed and involved in the setting up of DPMB FC or better known as DPMM FC. I can proudly say that I'm one of the first player for His Royal Highness and I played as a Striker (Note for Shahrazen: Your wearing my number (22) he he he), we sure have a lot of fun back then and HRH Crown Prince was our goalkeeper.

The other important thing that happened during my time at MD is the time I met my wife. She was a junior and I was a senior, we were introduced by my friend and the rest was history. Studying in MD was one of my highlights in live, the memories that I expereinced during that time will never be forgotten, it was fun, scary and very enjoyable. The icing of the cake is of course being a good freind to HRH Crown Prince Al-Muthadee Billah, our future king.

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