Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Old Habits Die Harder

This morning the missus called me while I was at a meeting at exactly 11 in the morning, informing me that she is going out from her office to do some shopping for Hari Raya goods! I was caught by surprise at first but when she explain that she is doing this just to proof a point, I hesitantly allowed her to do so.

You see, for the past few days since the month of Ramadan, her colleagues have been MIA from the office just as soon as they arrived in the morning. My wife was always the person who have to "Jaga Kadai" while they went out, such as getting their hair done or busy looking for goodies for the coming Hari Raya. Complaints to the higher authority fell on deaf ears as the head honchos of her department are also involved in this act of stupidity, hence she can't do anything about it.

I guess today my wife was so fed up with her being the scapegoat all the time, finally snap and do an MIA of her own! The story of this irresponsible act is not new as this have been going on since she was assigned to her new department. As her office is located in a what use to be an apartment, every afternoon, and after doing minimal work in the morning, her colleagues would cook some fried foods for their afternoon tea and finish it of by watching movies in the makeshift living room having the time of their live while my wife busy doing her work in her office. And not to mention their working hours are shortened an hour or two every day! And don't make me start of telling you their ingenious way of punching their individual Punch Card everyday which my wife have to follow as this was "democratically" decided upon collectively by her colleagues and her big boss!

It make me wonder if they really deserve their full salary at the end of the month, Hmmm.......


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