Friday, September 21, 2007


It is more than a week, we as a Muslim celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan and I guess it is not to late for me to say Selamat Berpuasa to all Muslims out there in our beloved country Brunei Darussalam. This year is the same as any other year, I pray to Allah SWT to give me strength and health to fulfill my obligation as a muslim to fast throughout the month of Ramadhan without missing a beat(which never fail as far as I can recalled).

As I said earlier, no sooner we were only on the early days of Ramadan do you guys ever noticed that some or maybe all shopping complex out there is already playing Hari Raya song on their music box. For crying out loud, baru jua kan panas injin kali ah bepuasa ah. I know that it is not wrong to prepare early for the big occasion but could they at least wait until Nuzul Al-Quran holidays kah or after Pay Day kah to do that which I believe the time where we can truly feel the real buzz of the coming Hari Raya festivites.

Anyway, to all my friends out there I like to wish you guys Selamat Melakukan Ibadah Puasa and hopely this time around our annual "Sungkai beramai-ramai" will be a success unlike the last time which was very disappointing he he he.....


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