Thursday, June 14, 2007

All Quiet At The Liverpool Front

It is in the middle of June and we yet to hear any news regarding Liverpool new signing. I heard the new owner have dump a lot of money in front of Rafa Benitez to look for new players but until now we heard nothing. Cuti kali masih si Rafa ani? Sibuk sal anaknya kan kawin jua kali? he he he.

Seriously we really do need a good striker, David Villa, Eto'o, Torres and even Diego Forlan (Yuck, Ex Man U kali ah!) have all been link with a lucrative move to Anfield. I did mention in my last blog way back in March that I have my reservation of the two new American owners. Hello guys! I'm still waiting for you guys to proof me wrong. We definitely have to win the Premier League next season, Man U is catching up for the number of League wins where Liverpool is still holding the title of most wins for 18 times.

Other than Strikers I also think that we need to have a solid Defender to support Carragher, but so far no one was link with Liverpool except for a winger and the latest is a Central Midfielder by the name of Yossi Benayoun from West Ham, I admit he is good but Man U fans will certainly have a new thing to say and add to their usual banter if we do sign him up, his an Israeli for crying out loud, abis tah ni semua Liverpool Fans kana ucap penyokong Yahudi!

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wowie said...

Damn.. another Israeli in Liverpool. Mudahan saja inda jadi. Mun jadi i think Benayoun will be the second Israeli to play for Lpool. Still remember Ronny Rosenthal? For those who are just in love with Lpool might dont know who is him. Wanna more info? Wikipedia lah. Googling lah.

But why another midfielder? Why not striker? In midfield we already have Gerard, Mascherano, Alonso, Sisoko (this guy usulnya nda jadi pindah), Lucas Leivo, Voronin (watched on supersport, he often play in mf). See how many midfield Lpool have now. But I admit most of them are defensive. I think Rafa want replacement for Gerard who is very dominant in attack.

Straight to the point Lpool need striker. Not just a 'striker' but a killer, predator like Ronaldo in his successful era. In this era Eto'o, Villa or Torres will be good signing.

So Americans, show Rafa the money. No money no talk. For Americans, they talk and keep on talking but no money.

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