Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scale Modelling

Early this year I restarted my hobby of making and collecting scale models. A hobby which goes way back in my teens. The only difference back then was I don't have the money to buy those things and also the assistant and guides to built a nearly perfect models. Today. information regarding scale modelling is easily available thanks to the internet and not to mention ebays for the convenience of online shoppings as Tamiya models are very hard to come by in our country.

Currently I had finished around 12 models altogether and each one is equipped with it's own diorama for display purposes. In case you all wonder what diorama is, it is a scene that captures a moment in time. It can be almost anything as long as it captures a moment in time and displays some type of scene with multiple objects. As an example, since I'm doing tanks at the moment, the diorama can be a scene during world war 2 or a muddy terrain.

Scale modelling hobby is fun, satisfying and sometimes can get a bit expensivee, but it can also teach us to be patient and creative at the same time.


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